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Visualizing the Future.

The School of Visual Arts (SOVA) at Virginia Tech offers an expansive undergraduate and graduate education in fine art, art history, visual and digital design. Our Studio Art and Visual Communication Design BFA programs offer an inclusive approach to educating artists, implementing new and established technologies that are uniquely available at Virginia Tech. Our Art History BA educates students to place visual culture in its broader historical context. We offer an MFA in Creative Technologies, a cross-departmental MA in Material Culture and Public Humanities and additional graduate study can occur in Human Centered Design. Our programs enable students to combine technical expertise with critical and creative inquiry.

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Welcome to SOVA

SOVA sustains and promotes the visual arts through the creative activities and scholarly research of its faculty. The faculty provides instruction, research, and outreach reflecting a comprehensive knowledge of the history and theory of art and design. A principal goal of the school is to develop programs and interdisciplinary collaborations within and beyond the university. In its curriculum and administration, the department affirms the vital link of the studio artist's knowledge of traditions, materials and media, the visual designer's connection to technology and concept development, and the art historian's understanding of our links to past and contemporary cultures. Our programs unite to serve students in their quest to become productive, progressive and creative forces in society.

SOVA prepares students to enter professions and graduate programs in the visual arts and visual culture.  We foster improvement and advances in facilities, equipment and critical technologies for students and faculty.  We engage Art and Design alumni as vital and contributing constituents of the community. The school serves the public sector through events, exhibitions, internships, competitions, workshops, and courses that nourish and renew the vitality of art and design.

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